RADIO  PG recorded and produced Paul Bernasconi’s Casio Sheep ad which won Commercial of the Year, was awarded Campaign of the Year for Bundaberg Rum with Roy Slaven and H.G. Nelson and co-wrote and produced the much-awarded I Feel Like A Tooheys campaign with Billy Birmingham. 
Paul often mentored at radio workshops and AWARD school, conducted seminars for the Finnish Radio Association and was inducted into the Australian Radio Advertising Hall of Fame.
THEATRE  Paul directed Neil Simon’s Chapter Two, Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing and Brett Howlett’s award-winning Not So D.O.A. His experience working with countless actors “from Row H or behind the glass” led to Paul developing a training course and conducting voice acting workshops in various locations.
Fountain Tomato Sauce
Koala Springs Mineral Water
Bourne Supremecy
ARCHIVE (to come) … sound files of Casio, Bundaberg, Tooheys, Bourne Supremacy, Fountain Tomato Sauce, Koala Springs Mineral Water etc …
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Paul co-wrote, produced and recorded impersonator Andrew Martin’s A Champion’s Monologue – The Epic Saga of a Racing Legend and produced the soundtrack of Buried ALIVE, Jack Egan’s First Fleet documentary series.
MULTIMEDIA  Paul and Billy Birmingham co-produced the Austen Tayshus hit single Australiana and Billy’s first outing as The Twelfth Man, It’s Just Not Cricket. 
Paul and Billy Birmingham
Paul and Billy - Awards Night
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